Power to
the Creators

Takeover is a movement that reintroduces fairness to the creator economy leveraging the best of web2 and web3

Takeover lets you keep ownership over your content, your community and your business.

We provide the protocol and tools to publish and monetize your exclusive content in a snap.

Getting closer
to your audience
Sell and gate your exclusive content and draw your fans closer.

Offer digital downloads like:
  • Sample packs
  • Synth presets
  • DAW files
  • Unreleased tracks
  • Any file you can think of
Provide exclusive insights by combining downloads, tutorial videos, behind the scenes and offer them on your own terms.
We provide a transparent platform and the tools, allowing the fair distribution of revenue shares throughout the Takeover Community.

With 95% going to the creators and 5% to the community, individual success becomes collective success.

A single destination

for web2 & web3 access

Whether you have your community in web2 or web3, Takeover allows you to unite them in one place.
  • Offer various payment options for your content.
  • Provide exclusive benefits to your NFT community (discounts, free content, exclusive content)
  • Collaborate with other NFT communities and offer them special deals.
Your fans don't need a wallet to access your content. They can pay using traditional currencies.

Yet if you already launched an NFT and built a community, you can provide them discounts or free access.
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The Takeover protocol stores and encrypts your content using intermediate-free decentralized technologies. You have full control about who can access your content, at any time.

The Takeover's Manifesto

  • Creating a world where the relentless drumbeat of creative work will be valued as it should.
  • Embracing the power of boldness — Staying true to daring ideas that will need the willingness to take risks.
  • Leveraging the power of unity — Joining our forces will put us in the position to rewrite the rules of the industry.
  • Striving for the power of independence — Deliberating us from outside control and the authority of others.
  • Utilizing the power of inspiration — Stimulating each other and building a better and prosperous future.
  • Using the power of clarity — Spreading this idea, so simple yet so mighty, that it can take the world by storm.
  • Takeover — Power to the Creators

"I instantly fell in love with Takeovers ideas and cannot wait to contribute."

- Robot Koch