PoWEr To the creators
takeover is a ecosystem of autonomy and solidarity, focused on Ownership and fair compensation.
Whats in for creators?
Takeover puts creators in control and paves the way to their self-sovereignty
owned by those who create
a decentralized platform that is governed by it's community.
Our vision is to create a world where the impressive and relentless drumbeat of creative work will be valued and compensated in favour of the Creators.

To achieve this goal, we will consistently apply these five core values:

Let's embrace the power of boldness to stay true to daring ideas that will need the willingness to take risks.

Let’s leverage the power of unity, as only our joint forces will put us in the position to rewrite the rules of the industry.

Let’s strive for the power of independence to free us from the shackles of outside control and the authority of others.

Let’s utilize the power of inspiration in order to mentally stimulate each other to build a better and prosperous future for everyone involved.

And finally, let‘s use the power of clarity to spread an idea so simple yet so mighty that it can take the world by storm.

Let's Takeover - Power to the Creators